Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

Jake thinks Dreams For Kids DC is “so great” to help Dress For Success!

I often wonder what is going on inside Jake’s head … he often requires prompting to respond when others speak to him.  And when he does speak, he has a reputation of not being the most “reliable witness”, as I like to say …. he has Echolalia (fairly typical for individuals with Autism) and tends to repeat the last thing he hears.

But, when Jake initiates a “conversation”, it’s very intentional … so it’s important to listen carefully.

On Monday morning, following our visit to the Dress For Success boutique, he was talking about all the different things he saw there, referring to it as “the thrift store”. He mentioned all the purses and bags we dropped off, but he was equally interested in listing the other items, such as belts, shoes, pants, skirts, and makeup.

I asked some clarifying questions, and, with Jake’s input, determined that:

  1. Jake wants to continue to help Dress For Success in conjunction with Dreams For Kids DC
  2. We should ask some clarifying questions of our own ….

Jake will let you know what he finds out!


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