Purses, and bags, and toiletries … Oh, my!

Our idea of a “fun” holiday season weekend activity … why counting and sorting contributions to Jake’s community service project to benefit Dreams For Kids DC‘s Holiday Celebration and DC-area homeless, of course!!!

I’ve been wondering why Jake manages to stay so focused on these tasks. I think part of it has do to with Jake’s enthusiasm for the upcoming DFKDC Holiday Party … and why not … he’ll be there with his DFKDC “framily”, using his powers for good, and he’ll have the opportunity to decorate cookies, or so I’m lead to believe. He’s just stoked as can be for December 19th, 2015!!!

A productive post-Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon spent sorting recent contributions from dad’s co-workers

Maybe it’s the repetition of the physical action of sorting the various items.

Maybe it’s the visual aspect of¬†finding a familiar corporate logo.

Maybe it’s knowing that what he’s doing will be helpful to others.

Well, whatever it is, I am truly impressed by my sweet young man!

Check out Jake’s latest collection numbers to date:

DFKDC service project dec2015-page-001




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